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We are Chefs... Sort of...

This is not an article, and despite the title, it has nothing to do with the kitchen or other related matters of that ilk. It just relies heavily on culinary jargon in order to pass an idea across in the simplest and seemingly most relatable medium possible- food.

A chef as opposed to a cook is an experienced connoisseur of good food that ranks far above a cook. He is that bossman you trust to take control of the kitchen, and give you exquisite meals, presenting them in flawless finesse and class... That, that exactly, is who we are, Chefs! The only difference is that instead of mouth watering Jollof Rice coated with soft golden brown 'Dodo' (and some leaf placed on top with no practical use other than just being extra) on our platter, we serve luscious designs and well crafted content that are so satisfying that you can almost taste the words and of course, the art.


My intention isn't to pitch who we are or what we do to you (he says after doing exactly that in the two preceding paragraphs), so I'll just stop there. I mean, if you're conflicted on who or what we are, a quick 1 minute tour of this website should be enough to wet your appetite (you'll probably need more time if your intention is to get a satisfactory meal... just saying.) My intention with this short piece, is to introduce our space to you.

This section of our website, our space, will be used to share thoughts on brand management, design, content development, printing, and every other thing we think you might find interesting, and ultimately of course, useful. We will most likely talk on mistakes we've made in the past 6 years of business; the many payments we got 'in exposure'; the ideas we've used to remain a going concern; how we managed to change the fictional 'we' to an actual 'we', and how we managed to keep it that way; plus a truckload more as the spirit leads... if we don't forget, or grow tired of writing up new articles, that is (who knows?).

I, alongside the rest of Tactica (present, and more importantly future) strongly believe that this will be our avenue to connect with the world, as we pour out our minds to the digital community. We hope that you appreciate our creative, our thinking, our process, and cheer us on, because the truth is that art cannot exist without an audience.


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