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Cryptocurrency-trading solutions that are as easy as chatting with a friend on social media.

UI/UX Design
Merchandise Design
Print Production
AD Design
Website Development

Casper is carving a new niche far apart from the cliche you are used to, by working around the clock to create a seamless payment ecosystem that delivers the fastest crypto-based transactions. Their substantial success history, has earned them quite the unbeatable reputation.

Casper-Billboard_Maryland_Maryland-Mall_Lagos_Nigeria_Wide-by-Tactica Zone.jpg

Merchandise, Stationery and ADs

Casper had an existing brand identity, however, we shaped the old identity in a way that it told a story different and authentic to our new narrative for Casper - Simple, Bold, Fun, and Interesting.


Casper's website was the result of a beautiful blend of solid blues, orange gradients and large assertive texts... hehehe. Casper's website is functional, informative, and very pretty.

Tactica! You guys ehn!

You have changed my view on what qualifies as good design. You guys have set the bar so high for me now that I will stop at nothing to keep this quality going, forever!

Sanusi Abdu-Rahman
CEO, Casper

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