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Ally Microfinance Bank

Redefining SME banking in Africa, with Abuja as a footstool.

UI/UX Design

A modern fintech solution provider that has taken on a noble cause: championing the vitalization of the entrepreneurship space in Africa by providing business and financial solutions that promise to take SMEs to new efficient heights.

Brand Identity

The idea behind our design was quite simple, as its meaning derives from the strength in bonds, and thus goes to the core of the meaning of the brand’s name itself: Ally. We combined the idea of a chain, with a mirror of the A from the brand’s name, and the result is a pretty simple, yet incredibly intuitive abstract-cum-letter mark.

Ally Logo  1 1.jpg

We balanced the abstract mark with a custom font created by Tactica for the brand, in order to achieve authenticity and originality.

Our wordmark design utilizes carefully crafted curved edges to complement that of the brand’s abstract mark. These curves will represent the brand’s tone going forward, as they will heavily influence all visual communications.

Ally Logo 2 1.jpg

Stationery, Merchandise & ADs

We developed a detailed brand guide that comprehensively covers results from our entire process; from the brand’s key statements to the mark, logo usage, colour, typography, visuals, brand elements, & best practices in using them.


The Website

Our web design process was a breeze! Flowing from the guidelines we already developed, whipping up the brand's User Interface was just a matter of replicating the awesomeness we already started, using black and white as the  solid colours, a plethora of emphasized curves, the Ally blue as the accent colour, and finally balancing them all with Ally-themed pictorials.

"Absolutely Fantastic & Well Executed Work

Absolutely Fantastic & Well Executed Work

Bayonle Omoyele
CEO, Ally Microfinance Bank

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