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Aaztek Intelligent Systems

Fueling the future of humanity through technology, one continent at a time.

UI/UX Design
Merchandise Design
Print Production

Located in the heart of Africa's most populous country - Nigeria, they are conquering the African continent, one country at a time, unleashing the New Africa as the technology hub of the world.

Brand Identity

From a line art of circles depicting a semblance of a magnetic field, to a three-dimensional view of the circles separated on a plane, resembling the interaction between electric and magnetic waves, and finally to connecting them into what looks like a 3D spiral deriving from an iteration of what electromagnetic waves look like.

Aaztek Logo for Web 1.jpg

The resulting mark was an incredibly minimalist brand mark that is heavy on the symbolism of connections and innovations. Just like electric and magnetic waves come together to produce the foundation of the greatest technological innovations known to mankind, so is Aaztek investing in progressive collaborations to build a new future for Technology, globally, with Africa as its footstool.

Aaztek Logo for Web 2.jpg
Aaztek Logo for Web 3.jpg

We went on to create a profile alongside an abridged brand guide for the company, outlining a detailed communication identity. They define the company's drive, identity/communication makeup and outlook in the tech market. It thus serves as a communiqué in a manner of speaking, reminding it's constituents and the company's audience of their value proposition throughout the company's lifespan.

Stationery, Merchandise & Other Prints


The Website

A combination of incredibly bold macro and micro white spaces resulted in this expression we created for the Aaztek brand; a website that takes minimalism to a whole new height.

"Wow! Just wow! The brand identity, the website, just wow! 

Working with the Tactica agency over the many years has always been one interesting journey of top notch quality work to the other, but their work with our new company 'Aaztek' was just so well done that I got lost for words multiple times throughout the project.

Abdulrahim Bashir
CEO, Aaztek Intelligent Systems

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