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Nania by Achimba

The nudge to tickle the Nigerian food and cultural taste buds with interesting & well-curated Ghanian content.

Product Package Design
AD Designs

A brand driven by the nudge to tickle the Nigerian food and culture taste buds with interesting and well-curated Ghanian content. Nania seeks to push the best that Ghana has to offer into the Nigerian fashion, hospitality and culinary space, and they intend to do so in style.

Nania by Achimba Designs for Tactica - 5.jpg

Brand Identity

Our design was tailored around a symbol that was explicitly requested to feature in our output – the Bese Saka symbol. Bese Saka forms one of the over 100 popular Adinkra symbols from Ghana that embody aphorisms, adages, and even prayers in some instances. It primarily is a symbol for Cola Nut and represents affluence, commerce, and togetherness, forming a world of depth in the little symbol that simply constitutes four circles hung on the edges of what looks like the letter 'X'.  The power of semiosis.

Product Package

As a part of the brand development of the Nania brand, we took on two of the brand's products and gave them a face-lift - their signature Shito Sauce & Green Chilli Pepper Sauce. Alongside this was a package design for their Jollof Rice takeout bowls, and we dare say our designs for the product packages were as hot and tasty as the products themselves. Check them out!


Nania had a couple of pop-up events, and their drive was to serve a refined and pristine kind of hospitality, whilst treating their audience to a world of exciting food from the best that West Africa has to offer. We gave this drive a face, and below are some of our works, alongside some live shots that show Nania never misses.

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