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They are not artists, most definitely nothing so simple or regular, they are Artsmiths.

UI/UX Design
Print Production

A brand with a knack for challenging stereotypes and creating its own version of normalcy in a manner that is just outstanding. Artsmith is an art company that plans to grab the African art narrative by the horns, and shatter international best standards in Visual arts.

Brand Identity

Alongside this signature comes the brand's icon represented by a bird, a quill, a leaf and a paint brush morphed into one simple line art. Our design is then finished off with cool colours that slay in an unusual manner.

Artsmith  Logo.jpg

A blend of an antique, yet modern look and feel, with a signature that is simply best described as smooth.  The signature is a custom-modified font designed to give the semblance of an actual bold and striking handwritten word, one made specifically for the brand.

Artsmith  Logo 1.jpg

ADs, Merchandise & Prints

The Website

We used a primarily dark-themed approach for this web project, as we wanted to follow the non-conventionality drive that the Artsmith brand prides itself in; as opposed to the dominance of white in most Art galleries. Our result retained the minimalism that should come with showcasing art, whilst also being undeniably fresh and original.


"Thanks for giving Artsmith the best facelift ever!

Your ideas never cease to leave a giant smile on my face. You have defined my brand identity and our offerings in ways that we never could. Thank you.

Yinka Olawuyi
Founder, Artsmith

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