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Fulton Homes

A company that has an interesting & wholesome take on the meaning of Home: Full.

UI/UX Design
Print Production

Fulton Homes has created a brand around the idea: the nudge to create wholesome experiences per time, and lavish in the beauty that comes with an infinitely wholesome indulgence.


Brand Identity

We thought of a really crafty and unique way of representing the brand's initials, and we decided to create an abstract mark to represent the brand. This brand image isn't deep. It doesn't carry with it some long line of traceable recital. Instead however, it is fresh, beautiful, stylish, and incredibly simple. We designed the brand's 'F & H' in a manner that was aesthetically pleasing, a manner that resulted in a brag-worthy design.

Fulton Logo.jpg

This line art sits on top of the word mark in a rectangular enclosure that we have chosen to represent the company's offerings - homely real estate. This rectangular enclosure thus forms the bedrock of secondary brand elements that give an interesting flavour to the Fulton brand identity experience.

Fulton Logo 1.jpg

Stationery, Merchandise, ADs & Prints

We also prepared a detailed brochure that captures the Company's drive, services and offerings, thus serving as a template for communicating with their audience and market moving forward.


The Website

Our web design process was a breeze! Flowing from the guidelines we already developed, whipping up the brand's User Interface was just a matter of replicating the awesomeness we already started, using black and white as the  solid colours, a plethora of emphasized curves, the Ally blue as the accent colour, and finally balancing them all with Ally-themed pictorials.


"It is undeniable that you guys know your onions!

It is very refreshing to know that you can get this quality of work from an African company. Made in Nigeria? Remarkable.

Jide Adegbite
CEO, Fulton Homes

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