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Lunch with Tactica

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

The Preamble

Dining Setting for Lunch with Tactica

On Sunday, April 2nd, 2023, the Hillsprings Hotel in Ile-Ife, Osun State, was the place to be, as Tactica, celebrated its 10th year of existence with fine dining, good conversations, and good company. We called it the “Lunch With Tactica”. This event, which was a second in a series of activities that Tactica has undergone in celebration of our 10th year, was designed not only to commemorate Tactica's decade of existence but also to give back to the design community in Ile-Ife, where it all started.

The lunch event was an invite-only affair, with a guest list that spanned the tech and creative community in Ile-Ife. We had a blend of industry experts, intermediate entrepreneurs, beginners, and even enthusiasts. Attendees were treated to a two-course spread of delicious and bountiful meals, excellently engaging conversations, and sharing of professional experiences that have shaped each other's career paths. It was an opportunity to discuss different tech and creative paths and develop new relationships, as well as strengthen existing ones.

The Lunch

Mr Tijani Taofeeq moderating the conversations at Luncheon - Lunch with Tactica
Mr Tijani Taofeeq moderating the conversations at the Luncheon

The event was moderated by Mr Tijani Taofeeq, and it began with everyone introducing themselves, and telling interesting non-tech facts about themselves, to create some familiarity and make the tone of the event warm. A lot of fun, exciting, and sometimes even borderline weird discoveries were made, like someone's hidden talent being the ability to mimic (with frightening accuracy), a baby's cry. Some came to unapologetically show off, as they claimed to have professionally mastered how to play about 20 musical instruments, and as you can imagine, the whole room went dead silent, as everyone looked on with awe and admiration as to this incredible feat. In an effort to balance the scales, Seun, Tactica's creative director claimed to know by heart, the entire 4-page, last speech by Franklin D. Roosevelt, of which he recounted the first few lines. However, in my opinion, though moving, it still was nowhere as impressive as the 20 musical instruments genius. Side eye. Lol.

After these, Oma, a gifted musician, and friend of Tactica gave a live performance of a beautiful song written by him, titled Midnight Cool. Oma said the song was specially written and recorded for the Lunch with Tactica event, and it was a beautiful start to an unforgettable experience.

Oma performing Midnight Cool, a song written by him, at the Luncheon
Oma performing Midnight Cool, at the Luncheon

The Talk

Mr Seun Fasogbon, the convener and Founder of Tactica, then gave an insightful speech about relationship marketing and how it had propelled his design journey. He started by talking about how he sees interaction with the client with a dual approach in order to deliver solutions that not only look good but speak well. He spoke about how he breaks every problem down into Design and Content, and how neither is greater than the other, they’re two sides of the same coin. “Designers must learn to empathize with the client. This helps to build a community” he said.

During his speech, he delved into the importance of relationship marketing in any industry, but especially the creative industry, stating how it was at the core of Tactica's success thus far. Using the butterfly effect - a theory that alludes to small drops creating mighty oceans, no matter how seemingly unrelated they are - he illustrated that building strong relationships with clients is key to long-term success in the industry, and this requires a deep understanding of their needs and preferences, in order to deliver solutions that fit within your capacity, but also increasing the bond between client and entrepreneur. Seun went on to explain that relationship marketing involves creating an emotional connection with clients, which goes beyond simply delivering a quality product or service. He emphasized that this emotional connection is built on trust, empathy, and a genuine desire to assist clients to solve their problems and achieve their goals.

Mr Seun Fasogbon discussing Relationship Marketing
Mr Seun Fasogbon discussing Relationship Marketing

He further emphasized that relationship marketing is not a one-size-fits-all approach, in the sense that it being Tactica's core marketing strategy, doesn't mean it can serve as another business' core model. Balancing it with other marketing strategies will be appropriate. And so, each creative must find the strategy that works best for their particular business model and target audience. However, he stressed that regardless of the specific strategies used, the underlying principles of trust, empathy, and a genuine desire to help clients achieve their goals are essential for success in the industry.

Seun also spoke about the customer churn phenomenon where you lose customers due to a bad transactional experience, he stressed the need to avoid this phenomenon as it is always harder to replace a long-time customer than to get a new one. Overall, Seun's speech provided valuable insights into the importance of relationship marketing in business and gave attendees a new perspective on how to build strong, long-lasting relationships with their clients.

The interactive Q&A session that followed Seun's speech allowed attendees to ask questions and share their own experiences, which added even more depth and richness to the conversation. It was clear that the Lunch With Tactica event provided a unique and valuable opportunity for attendees to learn from one another, build new relationships, and gain fresh insights into the ever-evolving world of design.

Ms Oyebanjo Esther, one of the Tactica partners, addressing the audience
Ms Oyebanjo Esther, one of the Tactica partners, addressing the audience

The Conclusion

As the conversations flowed over very good meals, attendees couldn't help but send in awesome reviews at the end of the event. The food was so good that many attendees remarked that it was the best they had tasted in a long time. The atmosphere was electric, with everyone sharing their experiences and offering advice on how to navigate the design industry.

As the event came to a close, a group photography session followed while everyone said their goodbyes. In all, new relationships were formed, old ones were strengthened, and a new perspective was shared with many who had otherwise thought transactional marketing was the way to go about marketing their services in their design journeys.

Group photo of attendees at the end of the Luncheon

Below are excerpts of the event from the point of view of some of the attendees:


Tijani Toyeebat at Lunch with Tactica
Tijani Toyeebat

Yoooo guyssss so I got invited to an event "LUNCH WITH TACTICA". P.S: Tactica is a design firm abi company.

Yeah exactly what the name says - "lunch", there was definitely food...I mean surplus food lol. But yeah, the event was dedicated to celebrating 10 years of Tactica's existence and I'm so glad I got to be a part of it.

The convener of the event Mr. Seun Fasogbon who's also the creative director at TACTICA ZONE really did a thing that day. I mean it was so amazing watching this young man do this, his story and how Tactica came to existence was all round beautiful and unlike every random convener at events, Mr Seun didn't give us the aspire to perspire BS lol...he really let us see what went down and yooo the growth is beautiful now!!! What stood out for me was how he kept hammering on the power of people and good relationships...he even tagged it "Relationship marketing and design".

I enjoyed his session so muchhhhhhhh.

Also I enjoyed the Q&A session a lot...a key point I took home from there was "as a creative in fact in any service you offer, charge your clients even the people around you as long as you know the quality of the service you'll be rendering, stop assuming they can't afford it."

Yeahhh I met a lot of beautiful people, it really felt like home. I was at an event for the first time and I was able to converse easily with people.

Oluwatimilehin Omolayo at Lunch with Tactica
Oluwatimilehin Omolayo

The ambience, The People, The Team and the Impactful session with Seun. Everything was wonderful! Thank you Tactica, plus I loved the merch! Time to tell people I am made of Tactica! 😂

Banjoko Oluwajuwon at Lunch with Tactica
Banjoko Oluwajuwon

Hi everyone☺️

Today was so much fun. I have a bunch of new information in my head, and I got to meet some really amazing minds.

Thank you Tactica! ❤️

David Fayemi at Lunch with Tactica
David Fayemi

A big thank you for putting this together. I enjoyed every bit of it. Most importantly, I learnt new things. Thanks a lot! 🍾🍻

Bepo Janet Adedoyin at Lunch with Tactica
Bepo Janet Adedoyin

Thank you to everyone at Tactica.. this was an amazing event… I learnt a lot and got inspired to do better and it was nice meeting everyone❤️❤️

Dosunmu Favour at Lunch with Tactica
Dosunmu Favour

Thank you so much for everything - from a stellar event, to an amazing presentation and even down to the food

I really learnt a whole lot.

It was really an amazing experience!🤍

John Areola at Lunch with Tactica
John Areola

Thank you to the Tactica team for organizing such a great event! I had a wonderful time and was thoroughly impressed with the organization (and definitely the food). Much love Tactica ❤️❤️


In conclusion, Lunch with Tactica was an amazing event that left attendees inspired and motivated. It was a great opportunity to network and share experiences with like-minded individuals in the design industry. Seun and his team at Tactica deserve all the accolades for putting together such a remarkable event, and we look forward to more events like this in the future.

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